New generation screen for blood pressure correction

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REGISTERED as the medical device and RECOMMENDED for the use on RF and EU territory


New generation device for blood pressure correction. Click on the device for its review in 360 grade mode.


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  • Blood pressure is corrected
  • General condition and sleep is improved
  • Emotional state is improved
  • Working capacity is increased
  • Activity of cardiovascular system is normalized
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The device electrostimulation promotes normalizes tone of vascular vessels, has a positive general regulating effect on physiological body systems.

Button for exposure to area MS6 in hypertension
Button for exposure to area TE5 in hypotension

The device is indicated for blood pressure via normalization of the vascular tone and enhancement of innate protective body forces.

It may be used in home settings and health and medical care institutions as monotherapy and in complex therapy.

Exposure areas

Built-in electrostimulation electrodes expose to biologically active wrist areas.

Exposure methodology

Electrostimulation is made using a weak electric current on the threshold of sensations.

The device uses programs differing in frequencies used (from 9 to 140 Hz), exposure time and exposure magnitude.

Using a program, we manage either to reduce excessive sympathicotonia leading to hypertension or to increase insufficient effect of sympathetic nervous system on the vascular tone leading to hypotension.

Indications for the use
  • High blood pressure *
  • Occasional pressure increase
  • Low blood pressure *

* As an adjunct to complex drug therapy of arterial hypertension and hypotension


MS-6 – area for blood pressure decrease. Located on the inner wrist zone of the left hand

Take off a wrist watch and bracelets, turn back a sleeve, put on the device and press the button specified by three convex dots. During a session, it is important to sit and lie in a comfortable position and relax. After the session, the device switches off automatically making a sound signal. Have a rest for 20 minutes.

Recommended course 1-3 times a day for 14.


ТЕ-5 - area for blood pressure normalization in hypotension. Located on the outer wrist zone of the left hand

Take off a wrist watch and bracelets, turn back a sleeve, put on the device and press the button specified by three convex dots. During a session, it is important to sit and lie in a comfortable position and relax. After the session, the device switches off automatically making a sound signal. Have a rest for 20 minutes.

Recommended course 1-3 times a day for 14.


For your convenience, please find attached the user’s brochure to the apparatus. Within you will find answers to the main questions.

Regimes for switching over between the device programs to areas ТЕ-5 and МС-6
The location of device ABP-051 depending on exposure area


CHERNYSH Irina Mikhailovna

Doctor of medical sciences, leading research associate of the laboratory in development and implementation of new non-drug treatment methods at the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University

Device АВР-051 – the most perfect device from modern analogues in transcutaneous electrostimulators for blood pressure reduction.

My large personal experience in patient management shows that the device has confirmed its full working capacity of the programs declared by the authors. High efficacy was shown in treatment of patients with mild hypertension (1 degree), statistically confirmed validity of the device efficacy used in complex drug therapy in correction of moderate hypertension (grade 2 hypertension with involvement of target organs). The procedures using device ABP-051 supplementing standard therapy allowed to achieve larger positive dynamics of blood pressure parameters, volume of veloergometer activity and left ventricle performance index in comparison with the control group which parameters changed more profoundly. Blood pressure increase program in hypotensive patients was used first in practice which itself is valuable due to the lack of analogues.

Finally, it should be stated that the device is a valuable instrument both for professionals and common users, and recommended for a wide implementation to clinical practice.

VASILENKO Alexey Mikhailovich

Honored RF physician, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor

Blood pressure correction with electrostimulation – a modern development of reflexotherapy using software and hardware.

The blood pressure corrector produces impulses in the form similar to action potential impulses discovered by winners of the Nobel prize A. Hodgkin and A. Hawksley. Neurons of live creatures exchange action potential impulses including humans. It explains physiologically meditated therefore soft and pleasant sensations during exposure procedure.

In most cases, treatment process acquires positive dynamics after the first course of procedures. To achieve a result, elderly people may need sometimes more procedures due to the lower adaptation level.

Simple rules of healthy life style: rational labour and rest regime, sleep normalization combined with blood pressure corrector АВР-051 allows you to keep always good health condition and mood.

The device is for those who care about quality of their life!


What is АВР-051?

АВР-051 — a medical physiotherapy device for normalization of blood pressure. АВР-051 may be used by people with both increased and decreased pressure.

Can device “АВР-051” measure pressure?

No, it does not measure. Pressure should be measured with a common tonometer. АВР-051 normalizes pressure

How does device “АВР-051” normalize pressure?

The device acts via electrostimulation. There are two electrodes on the device which are fixed on the wrist and have low frequently current exposure. Responding to the exposure, the vasomotor center located in the medulla changes the smooth muscle tone in the small arteries. If to decrease the tone, then blood pressure becomes lower, if to increase — pressure becomes higher.

Does device “АВР-051” affect heart?

АВР-051 does not affect heart. Heart as a pump creates pressure in vessels, and it is regulated by arteries. For that, vascular arteries have smooth muscles which mainly manage pressure. The change in smooth pressure tone helps people with hypertension to reduce and maintain normal pressure, and people with hypotension to increase the pressure.

Should device “АВР-051” be constantly worn?

No, it is worn only during the session. The session for people with hypertension lasts for five minutes, for people with hypotension — six minutes.

To what extent does device “AВР-051” reduce pressure?

As a rule, when АВР-051 is first used, human pressure is reduced on 5-10 mm Hg, in some cases — on 20-22 mm Hg. In rare cases, the pressure is not changed with the first use, and the effect of the use develops during 10-14 days.

The main clinical aim of АВР-051 — to normalize activity of own mechanisms of blood pressure regulation. The change of BP values after one session may not fully reflect the device efficacy.

The maximum efficacy is shown only after course administration. Efficacy is assessed not only per objective values (BP values), but also per subjective values — such as the improvement of health condition, sleep normalization, etc.

What to do if “АВР-051” use does not lead to the decreased but on the contrary to the increase of blood pressure?

Temporary increase of blood pressure is transient (or transitory). Both a patient’s nervous system type and environmental factors such as stress, agitation, presence of “white gowns” nearby influence a short-term blood increase. The circumstance — BP increase — is not the device defect. We recommend to continue the treatment course, and after the body is adapted to the exposure, BP begins normalizing. The adaptation occurs during the first several days of the device use.

What occurs if I stop using device “АВР-051”?

Such event as “withdrawal syndrome” when the treatment is interrupted, the pressure is abruptly increased, is not found when АВР- 051 is used. On the contrary, the device exposure has a prolonged effect which maintains for some time individual for each person after procedures are stopped. However, you should understand that stopping the therapy, a patient is left without protection from blood pressure increase, and it will begin increasing again, and each pressure increase damages the human body and may result in severe complications — myocardial infarction, stroke, renal failure, etc.

Why should the skin be hydrated prior the use of device “АВР-051”?

Efficacy of procedure may be reduced if the wrist skin is very dry. It is explained by the fact that the human skin has high electric resistance, and you should hydrate the skin slightly prior fixing the device to overcome it.

How to handle the device?

You should monitor carefully the cleanliness of the device and working surface of the electrodes. Treat the electrodes with a moist wipe regularly.

If the device is used by several persons, treat the electrodes with moist disinfecting wipes after each use. It is preferably not to use disinfectants and alcohol- containing wipes.

Can be АВР-051 incorrectly used?

There are two main mistakes: the device is fixed in the “wrong area”, or “wrong button” is pressed. Please review carefully sections 12 of the Instruction for the use.

How many times a day is the device used, and how long does the treatment course last?

It is recommended to use the device 1-3 times a day depending on BP values. The recommended course duration is 14 days. Treatment efficacy is assessed upon completion of the therapy course. During the treatment, depending on BP values, daily procedures may be reduced up to 1-2 times a day. After the course, the break for 1-2 weeks is recommended.

However, please pay attention that the decision on the break duration and course continuation should be made together based on medical data. In some cases, if prescribed by the physician, it may be used constantly.

Should be session time recorded?

No, time should not be recorded. The device has a timer, it switches off the device automatically. When each program switches on, a triple sound signal is heard.

Can be device “АВР-051” used for prophylaxis when drugs are not yet administered?

If your upper BP value does not exceed 160 mm Hg, you can use the device as prophylaxis prior drug administration.

Can device “АВР-051” be used instead of drugs?

Any decision on introduction of changes to the treatment scheme, and drug prescriptions should be made together with the physician. In some cases, you can reduce a number of drugs and doses during the use of АВР-051 and even can switch to “АВР-051” monotherapy but pay attention that in any case such changes can be made only under medical supervision.

So I should not taking tablets if I have started using device “АВР-051”?

Of course, you should not stop taking tablets. We add the device to the current therapy and monitor the pressure diary. If the pressure is lower than target values, the attending physician can reduce doses or stop some drugs.

Are there any contraindications?

There are contraindications.
Absolute: presence of an implanted pacemaker, individual intolerability of the electric current, atrial fibrillation, general contraindications to physical therapy.
Relative: open skin wounds or injuries of the distal third of the left forearm (macerations, wounds, burns, exanthema, etc.), neoplasms (tumors) of any etiology or location, acute psychotic, alcohol or drug-induced excitation, pregnancy.

Why should I lie or sit using the device? Why should I not stand?

During the therapeutic session, we affect the vascular zone. Due to that, in some cases, a standing person may feel dizzy as a result of which he can fall and get injury.

Is device “АВР-051” used in medical institutions?

Device “АВР-051” is registered as a medical device and can be used both in home settings and medical institutions (polyclinics, inpatient units, etc.).

Is device “АВР-051” certified?

“АВР-051” — a medical device registered by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare. АВР-051 is approved for medical use in Russia, European Union and in several foreign countries.

“АВР-051” — a medical device registered by the Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare. АВР-051 is approved for medical use in Russia, European Union and in several foreign countries.

The device efficacy is confirmed by the constantly growing clinical practice and ongoing research clinical observations, In Russia, AВР-051 has been widely used since 2016, and in the EU countries since 2017. Dozens of thousands of patients in Russia and abroad use it regularly and see the effect.

It should be stated that treatment of arterial hypertension — a complex and multi-component process in which all factors, not only administered drugs and АВР-051, are of great value. It is difficult, more precisely, almost impossible to expect high efficacy of both drugs and АВР-051 if you have a destructive life style, abuse coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. Moreover, the device shows maximum efficacy in course administration.

Does “АВР-051” help in the rebound syndrome”?

Device “АВР-051” helps not only to augment but to prevent fully the rebound syndrome known also as the “withdrawal syndrome”. The rebound syndrome occurs immediately after discontinuation of some anti-hypertensive drugs and is characterized by the abrupt increase of blood pressure.


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